Postpartum Band Black
Postpartum Band back part
   Postpartum Band Beige
    Postpartum Band Black and Beige
   Postpartum Band Black Lying woman
Postpartum Band Black
Postpartum Band back part
   Postpartum Band Beige
    Postpartum Band Black and Beige
   Postpartum Band Black Lying woman

Postpartum Band

  • $21.00
Maternity Size
  • Composition: breathable polyester fiber 
  • Color: Black, Beige
  • Size: S (60-63 cm; 23.6-24.9 inch) / M (63-70 cm; 24.9-27.6 inch) / L (70-77 cm; 27.6-30.2 inch) / XL (77-83 cm; 30.2-32.8 inch) / XXL (83-90 cm; 32.8-35.4 inch) / XXXL (90-97 cm; 35.4-38.1 inch) / 4XL ( 97-103 cm; 38.1-40.7 inch) / 5XL (103-110 cm; 40.7-43.3 inch)
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This lightweight and comfortable Postpartum Band can support your belly and help quicker bring loose skin and belly muscles back to their primary state.

  After childbirth skin and muscles of the belly can become less elastic and loose. Our  Postpartum Band will help quicken the healing process of your belly, by giving good support and helping skin and muscles get back to their normal state.

 Gentle compression of the Postpartum Band can reduce the back pain that may appear after giving birth. It will also keep you in good posture by straightening your back and making you more mobile.

 For women who have had a caesarean section, this Postpartum Band can be useful as well. It can help relieve the surgical pain and protect the incision to speed up healing.

 We recommend that you occasionally remove your Postpartum Band during the daytime and before sleep to improve blood circulation and stimulate the training of the belly muscles without belt support. 

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